Sunday Question Of The Week – Christmas Memories

Well I’m a little behind on this question of the week, because this question is from last week, but it has prompted me to think a little and I’ve decided to try to expand on the idea.  Some of you know I am a scrapbooker….well maybe a better term would be a memory keeper…I am a scrapbooker, but now that I not only … Continue reading

I Hope….

Today is the follow-up post to yesterday’s Secret Weapon post. I hope you’ve decided to give it a try, maybe because you want to hand your child a gift that will encourage and inspire them for a very long time or maybe you’ve just been wanting to give scrapbooking a try.  For whatever reason, I hope this helps you with … Continue reading

Growing Valentines

I’m having growing “older” pains!  No, there’s nothing wrong with me physically, but the mental pains of my children getting older strikes home periodically.  Today while uploading some Valentine’s Day school cards onto my Etsy site, I asked my youngest if she was going to hand out Valentine cards to her friends this year. Her answer felt like a shot in the heart….. “Na, I doubt … Continue reading

My Digital Disaster

I’ve had to wait a bit to write about this “disaster” as I wasn’t sure that I could write about it without getting upset.  Initially I had planned to share this lesson on my scrapblog but I have decided to share the story here also as EVERYONE has digital pictures and this could happen to anyone!!!  Please, please, please read my … Continue reading