You Never Know What Can Inspire…

When I began to write this blog I had a vision for myself and this little ole’ blog, I wanted to write about life experiences, the funny moments of a crazy life or the insights I had over life events that can either make or break you.  I felt like I had come to a place in my life where … Continue reading

Taking Pictures And Making Memories

So here’s the question….Who’s the “picture taker” in your family? In my family it’s me, whenever there’s an event where pictures are being taken I’m usually the one behind the camera. I enjoy it; trying to get those moments with the cute smiles, funny faces or just the right shot to showcase a special moment is important to me because … Continue reading

Enchanted Garden Fairy Birthday Party

Today I realized that soon my beautiful granddaughter would be 2 years old.  I began to wonder how that happened, like overnight, and I started thinking about her birthday party from last year.  This month I’m heading to the mountains for a scrapbook retreat and one of my goals is to get some work completed in her album.  Of course…my … Continue reading

Memories From A Life

Recently, I had to find a picture from about a year and a half ago, for a friend of mine.  I have an amazing program called Memory Manager from Creative Memories; it’s so amazing, that usually I can find pictures from years ago in minutes with just a few clicks of the keyboard.  Imagine that you are looking for a picture of your daughter … Continue reading