It’s Hard Work, So Don’t Give Up

Todays’ marriage idea – It’s hard work so put some work into it…and then….it will be easier.  Just like anything worthwhile, it takes work to have a good marriage.  So putting some work into the marriage, well that’s always a good idea. What do I mean by work? Get refreshed by going to marriage conferences or classes, join, and keep in touch … Continue reading

The Happily Ever After

I’ve been working on revamping my bathroom, updating it a little and bringing it into my style, I’ll share a little about that later, but I found this cute little sign at Hobby Lobby and thought it was perfect for the new shelf in there.  I really love it because it reminds me that I do have the happily ever after. But this little sign has really got me … Continue reading

People Pleasing or God Pleasing

I remember the first time someone suggested that I was a people pleaser. I snickered and thought, “you don’t know me very well, I am a tough cookie”. But honestly, just them posing the question, and of course me trying to prove that I wasn’t, helped me to begin to realize the tendencies that I had toward pleasing others over myself. I thought … Continue reading

Spread Some Cheer

Every day part of my job is to send out the next day’s schedule to field so they know where they will be working and what they will be doing the following day.  Usually it’s the person’s name, the job site and a brief description of the type of work. For the boss man it’s usually just a little reminder of something he … Continue reading

You Never Know What Can Inspire…

When I began to write this blog I had a vision for myself and this little ole’ blog, I wanted to write about life experiences, the funny moments of a crazy life or the insights I had over life events that can either make or break you.  I felt like I had come to a place in my life where … Continue reading