What A Beautiful Sight

No, it’s not my oak table dining room table (that I’m so ready to paint) and the chairs that I REALLY dislike these days….. It’s the fact that this table is finally empty! For the last 5 months it’s been full of hand-made Christmas ornaments, all the craft supplies needed to make those ornaments and 30 mini Christmas trees like … Continue reading

Stepping Out

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I have this project…..lol! “What’s new” you may say, but seriously this is a big project.  I was rooked into (nobody is every rooked into serving), actually I was asked kindly, to oversee all of the decorations at my church’s women’s ministry Christmas Birthday Bash.  Everyone loves to organize a good party,… ok so not everyone, but I do, so, when I was asked, I really wanted to … Continue reading

This Christmas

  I wish I had the opportunity to write more during this Christmas season.  There were so many times that I thought…”Oh, I should post that”! ….But this Christmas season has been packed with stress, (some of it self induced) and many moments of wishing there were just more hours in the day. As of yesterday, I’m officially done Christmas shopping, … Continue reading

The Dreaded Day

I’m finally starting to feel a little bit in the Christmas spirit. I really was struggling this year, I was trying to get there but just couldn’t bring myself to feel festive.  I had started my shopping, was totally reminding myself that I was not to go into overload mode and instead concentrate on Jesus, who is actually the reason that … Continue reading