Directionally Challenged?

I’m sitting here at 11:35 pm waiting for my daughter to get home. She should already be home but you know…we live in California and even at this time of night there’s dead stop traffic on the freeway! I received a video from her of the traffic, (don’t worry she wasn’t holding the phone, her friend (A)was) with a cute … Continue reading

Not Your Average Potato Salad

Summer days are upon us and that usually means outdoor barbeques, pool parties and family fun to celebrate the season. We’re always looking for foods with a bit of a twist to throw on the grill or an interesting new side salad. That is of course, unless you are the hubby, he loves the old faithful’s and will choose those every time, which is … Continue reading

What Are You Doing Today?

THE question, the one someone posted today, was a bit more than just “what are you doing today?” Actually the words on the screen said…”What are you doing for God today? ”  My first thought was ouch! Did I do something for God today?  One responder assumed that the questions was about helping in the church or somewhere “significant” but as I thought about … Continue reading