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One of the hardest things for me, is to know just the right information to share when writing about myself. I’m sure there’s more to me than meets my eye and as I write you will surely get to know me better, but for now….I’m a 40 something Christian woman who has been married for 27 years to a great guy who loves me and I have 3 beautiful daughters who inspire me to be better than I am.

I love being a wife and mom, but these days I seem to spend time pondering…. what do I like, I want, or I wish and more importantly what does God like in me, want for me and wish of me?  So here I’ll experience and share the things that I love and do while I’m trying to figure it out by Designing Dee.



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  1. Ty i couldn’t find a way to follow you but i did sign up and subscribed to your blog. Im not a woman or a mommy but i like Good information no matter where it comes from.

  2. Well i need to say a few things about your blog..and im starting with your “About Me” page, First you forgot a few things that i think people need to really know about you, Your Smile is real and not painted on, and your Heart is as large as the stars in the sky, you live your faith, and open that heart to all in its path. You also are a daughter of proud parents, that see you as a guiding light for your family and friends. The joy that you have brought me, and the things that i have learned from you over the last 35 years that you have been in my life, have been life changing events , your personality and your love and understanding , has help me as a father, and a husband, and a friend to others. Your ability to keep smiling when things are at their worst, motivates, Your a wonderful Mom, Wife and Daughter, and more important to me a friend. These are just a few of the things that “About You” did not cover. So all you people that read the blog, know this you have discovered a truly wonderful person.

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