It’s Not About You

I love how God knows…Among the many things He knows, (way too many to list) He knows when I need to have a deeper understanding of a truth.  I spend a couple of hours a day in my car…I dislike it immensely but try my best to make the best of sitting still for so long.  It’s the time I use for anything productive that I can accomplish while trapped driving, I use it mostly for phone calls and I pray, and yes, I listen to bible teaching radio programs. Sometimes that’s the only time of day that I have alone with God.

Today…my mind was wandering… well, actually the ladies in my head were having a heated conversation about work…a discussion about how some problem was handled. Don’t get all freaked out…I know they’re not real ladies, but sometimes my head just spins with thoughts when I wish something (or someone) was different. Today the sound of the person on the radio broke through, the conversation between me and those ladies.  I heard…”It’s not about what we do for God, it’s  about what God has done for us”.  Since the post, What are you doing today, I’ve had so many little “ah ha!” moments.  This jumped out at me, It’s really not about me and what I do. (my works) I knew that!

In a nutshell, the gospel (good news) of Jesus is…God sent His son (Jesus) to die on the cross for mankind, for no other reason but that He loves us and wants us to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Have you ever let that idea resonate? The gift of salvation is not contingent on you or I doing anything, just believing. When you come to understand that it’s all about what Jesus did, I think it gives you a sense of gratitude that becomes love.

Some Christians view their salvation as a type of contract between them and God. Contracts are based on two people holding up their side of an agreement.  That kind of thinking can be dangerous, you may begin to think…”if I do this, then God will ….(insert your own idea here) and before you know it you’re beginning to think in a legalistic manner, like your salvation is contingent on something you do or don’t do….WRONG!  All of the work that needed to be done for salvation…

That was done by Jesus.

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