What Are You Doing Today?

THE question, the one someone posted today, was a bit more than just “what are you doing today?” Actually the words on the screen said…”What are you doing for God today? ”  My first thought was ouch! Did I do something for God today?  One responder assumed that the questions was about helping in the church or somewhere “significant” but as I thought about it…I don’t think that was the point of focus. The questions has crossed my mind often over the last couple of days, in my quiet time, while driving to work, while reading my bible I wondered…seriously…did I do anything for God today? What could I do for God today? I felt as if I hadn’t or couldn’t, work and other commitments consumed my week but it began to be pressed upon my heart that God didn’t want just my busy work he wanted my heart and I was indeed doing “things” for Him. Fortunately there are several ways to “do something” for God and exploring my options helped me to realize a few truths about what we can do for God.

Pray – We always seem to be asking God for some thing, to do some thing, or to help with some detail of our  life. Really, I think that is perfectly fine. We can pray for others too. That’s powerful.  How wonderful is it to stand in the gap for someone and send prayers for blessings to God, what if no one prayed for them, like ever? Sometimes I pray for people I see on the street. I don’t know them, they don’t know me! In Psalm 116:1-2 the psalmist writes – “I love the LORD because he hears and answers my prayers. Because he bends down and listens, I will pray as long as I have breath!” Prayer is essential in our relationship with God, we need it and yes this is something that we do for God. It’s so important to Him that “He bends down and listens” This is His time to hear us and our time to hear Him.

Read His Word – This is how our love for Him grows. If we don’t spend time in His word how will we know how he wants us to serve Him? When we  read our bible, our love and understanding for Him grows. That’s when it becomes apparent how he wants us to serve him. We need to listen, God’s word is one way He communicates to us.

Raise our Children – Mom’s, (and dads too) listen up, this is important! Teaching our children (or grandchildren) about Jesus is the most important job you have! Sometimes we sell that short… Enough said.  Don’t ever think you’re Just-a-mom

Ministry – Find your ministry, use the gifts that God gave you and bless someone else.  For me it’s teaching in Children’s Ministry on Sunday morning, I love those little faces. and I serve as a mentor/coach for a group of women whom have similar life experiences that I do.  For other’s it’s feeding the homeless in the park, visiting the elderly, and for you it could be something completely different. Find your passion, what you love, and step up. God can use you!

Be different – Different than the average person. Set apart. You are representing the King of Kings. Set an example don’t be like everyone else.  There’s only one you and God loves you just the way you are…flaws and all.  He’ll use them (the flaws) to help someone else but he wants the world to see Him through us….strive to be like Him. (just a quick side note…you gotta read your bible to know what He’s like if you want to be like Him) I still love that old popular saying…wwjd? What Would Jesus Do? It’s a good question don’t you think?

I realized that most of the thoughts above are not work or task related items, they are relational.  Our works, the things we “do” for God, do not earn our way into heaven. Christ did everything necessary to secure our forgiveness and acceptance. It’s because of our love and gratitude that we will help and serve Him; it’s the natural progression of our faith and I think we will find that serving comes naturally too.

Wish I knew the source to share for this quote.

Wish I knew the source to share for this quote.

Thank goodness I thought this through…It’ helped me to realize that He desires our love and obedience, not a schedule full of tasks, cause I’m not sure I can add one more thing to my schedule!



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