I have a big mouth

A tiny sparkYep, you heard it here first. . . .

In the past there have been instances where I said more than I should have. Where I’ve thought that I have the answer and everyone should listen to me….and what do you know… I’ve gotten myself in trouble. Maybe I was having a bad day, maybe I was right, maybe I was wrong or maybe I was misunderstood and someone took offense. Not that I meant to offend them, but what I would call encouraging or helpful “advice” may not be taken that way.  Today I try to make an effort to be uplifting…encouraging but even then I can offend you…you see. I’m imperfect.

The boss man and I have the type of relationship where we can speak our minds (and we do sometimes louder than other times) but we both know it’s not personal. We’re both a little opinionated. At times we remind each other that it’s not personal, and we LET IT GO.

Some people are not like that, they don’t know how to let it go…they’re like elephants! At least I think they’re like elephants, because I’ve heard elephants remember everything.  I’m learning…not everyone can be trusted, so watch what you say! At this stage in my middle-aged life (ouch), I’m learning, but it’s a work in progress. I’m learning how to be myself,  to not worry about what other’s think of me, to not judge others, to say nice things, to think nice things, to not think or say mean things, to see beyond the bitterness of another person, to keep my mouth shut AND to attempt to stay sane at the same time. It takes a great deal of prayer for me!

So…how do we learn to speak up when it’s appropriate or to stay silent when it’s best to do so? I’m not sure! I struggle… that’s why I’m beginning a study with a group of women. We’ll be trying to figure it out over the next couple of months, or at least get a grip on what God says about the topic.  I’ll let you know how it goes…wish me luck.



I have a big mouth — 2 Comments

  1. Good luck. Let ne know,what you have learned. I am getting alot more pointed in my old age. I still never want to hurt people but I have a tendency to say what I think more often now. Lol

    • I know what you mean Laura, saying what you think is ok…I try to remember if I’m asked for my opinion then it’s ok but if not…well that’s when I need to learn to be quiet. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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