Painting Dandelions

I’m excited to share this project! I have hated the closed doors in Posey’s room for many years and recently have been racking my brain to figure out some inexpensive way to spruce them up. I thought about replacing the hollow doors with mirrored doors (too expensive), changing them to bi-fold doors (don’t really like those), adding molding or something along those lines to add character (not enough clearance between the 2 doors), painting them to have some sort of border around the edge of the door (ewe was the consensus here)  changing them to regular double doors, etc., etc., there were so many ideas running through my head.   I was just sick of thinking about how to get these very big floor to ceiling closet doors to look better. They were just this big blank space of white…well, they weren’t even white any more, more like dirty, fingerprint white.

Once we decided to paint the room grey, it started to come together.  I knew the answer I was looking for. Stencil/paint them (which happened to be one of my previous ideas)  and add some molding to frame them out…Duh!  Wish I would have thought of that before..did I already say duh?

So here they are with a couple of before pictures (not a true before picture as they had already been painted a fresh coat of paint) and one to show you how I grouped various pieces of molding to get the look I wanted.

Stencil or paint dandelions on closet

I wish I could claim the handiwork of painting the dandelions but these beauties were not painted by me.  My eldest child is more talented than I realized, well, not really, I already new she was talented she just proved me right. She had previously painted dandelions on canvas for her house and I was impressed, but these were bigger, WAY bigger, and harder to envision and paint I’m sure. She did a great job! Much better than I would have done

Sliding Closet door frame

Look at them…they’re so big and blank! Oh, and yes, when I work …there’s a mess, I sometimes get really overwhelmed 😉 . ps…the nail gun is becoming my favorite tool.   Molding around sliding closet door

The moldings used to create the header were  – 1″ x 5.5″ MDF, 2 5/8″ door casings,  3 5/8″ crown molding, 1/4″ x 1″ plain molding (the non primed wood), I used this to create the look of a thicker piece of wood right above the side door casings.

One more quick look! This project is a success! Absolutely love the doors, it added another bit of life to the room and for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.  All in all, I’d guess under $35 to have these beauties. I’m gonna need to remember to keep track of that stuff.


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