One Day A Door….

I’d really like to finish that heading with …the next a headboard, but…reality is, it was a little bit longer than that!

I had been eyeing old doors for some time and loved the idea of creating a headboard from a door. It was a perfect idea for Posey since she was without a headboard since up-sizing her bed.  I studied and measured, and thought, thought, thought…even considered purchasing a new door but then I got lucky!

Old Door


My neighbor gave me an old door he had brought home from work. We carried that thing right across the street! I had a plan…   First we (hubby helped on this project too) cut the edges of the door down to a size that would work for the head-board. (the door really wasn’t long and skinny like this, it looks a little deceiving in this picture)  We cut each side so that the door would look even when repurposed as a headboard



Paint remover on old door

Next was the yucky part. I used paint remover to get the old paint off. When using paint remover make sure you use gloves as it will burn your skin. A disposable paint brush and container are handy because you can just toss them. Oh, and make sure you are in a well ventilated area.  Once you paint the remover on, let it sit and it will bubble up the paint, then you can scrape it with a putty knife.  I had a trash can right next to me to put the gooey mess in once it was scraped off.  I was very careful, first because that stuff is brutal and secondly, because I was pretty sure there was lead in the paint since it was so old.  I think there was 3 different colors and several layers of each color on the door. It took a couple of applications and then hubby ended up sanding it too.

The front of the headboard actually was sanded down to bare wood but the back wasn’t going to be seen so we spent less time there. We primed both sides of the door. A little crown molding and a 1×6 ripped down to 5 1/4″ and we were getting closer.

Since Posey wanted to keep the door handle in place, we had work around it and couldn’t mount the top board right to the door and then set the crown under the edge.   So we placed the crown molding first, then we set the top piece of the headboard (1 x 5) . It wasn’t easy …but could have been a lot worse. We ended up cutting some blocks and attaching them to the “top” of the door under the 1 x 5, both for support and also to attach the top board tightly with no gap at the crown.

Hint: Cutting Crown molding is so not fun! BUT we did figure out recently that it is MUCH easier if you stand the crown up (like it would be if you were installing it) and then cut it. But be very, very careful and watch your fingers!

Next came primer and paint. It was starting to come together and I was beginning to get excited. Because Posey was adamant about keeping the door handle we removed it, cleaned it up and painted it silver to match some of the other hardware in her room. Removing layers of paint could have been a bear but I learned a trick by watching rehab addict…Put your painted hardware in a crock pot filled with water and let it soak for a couple of hours. When you take it out the paint will come right off with a small amount of effort and a putty knife. So easy! Mounting a door headboard In order to mount the headboard we placed 2 – 1×4’s on the back of the door; cutting a notch so that they would line up with the bed frame.

Door Headboard

We lined it up and drilled holes to attach it to the bed frame. Some people mount the headboard directly to the wall but I didn’t like that idea at all.   Then came the best part…


Door headboard with curtain accents    Painted door headboard

Add some white lights….and…

Christmas lights over headboard   White lights in the bedroom

A big smile will come over your daughter’s face.  Sigh. All is good.

Now to find the perfect comforter set.


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