Did She Just Say…Boring?

I’m behind…in scrapbooking…I hate it!  I’ve taught others to work on current pictures and go back and catch up later.  I keep telling myself to do this but…I’m being stupid stubborn! It’s much easier to scrapbook current pictures than older pictures. I think it’s linked to emotions, they are fresh and of course, the stories are fresh in your mind too, you don’t have to remember them.  As you get older remembering is a real problem! However, I finally found a “plus” to being behind. You hear things that you wouldn’t have if you wait.  In my case, not good things, but it made me laugh, gave me a snicker and a new perspective

Recently, I went on a weekend scrapbook retreat in the mountains. While there, I worked on my youngest daughter’s album, the pictures were 5 years old, and I came across some pictures of a school field trip to an apple farm.  I had a new perspective to use while working on these photos. A couple weeks before the retreat we returned to this apple farm as a family adventure and Posey was not excited at all to return!  She said that the previous field trip to the farm was the “boringest” field trip she EVER went on!  I had finally found a reason to justify not scrapbooking these pictures until now, a new viewpoint, one where you learn things that your children would never have told you before! Even though I was a bit sad that she thought it boring! I had a story that I wouldn’t have had prior.  I, of course, wrote it in the album!

Tonight I was finishing up with some small details of journaling and adding protectors to the pages as the album was complete, and the hubby walked in.  He noticed the page and said “Oh, wow you’ve already scrapped Riley Farm!” and then he noticed the pictures….the age of Posey, and before even taking a breath from the last sentence, he said…”Uh, never mind, those are not the new pictures! You’re behind”   Umm…thanks Love, I needed that! Being reminded that I’m 5 years behind always makes me smile!! Depression set in….not really.

So again, I’m considering taking my own advice and printing my photo’s for September 2014 and getting them in an album.  We had some fun times and I don’t want to forget the small important things like how my little chicken granddaughter is beginning to get brave. 20141012_165924 (2)She actually jumped in this contraption, which wasn’t the most amazing thing…the most amazing thing was that she left her mom’s side!  That’s an album worthy story for sure.

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