What’s Your Type?

Happy Friday!

I’m really looking forward to spending the weekend with no soccer games! As much as I love watching my daughter’s soccer games, sometimes it’s just a really satisfying thought to know you have the whole weekend’s schedule to fill up with whatever your heart desires.

Continuing with our series on photos, I thought I’d talk about albums a bit. The quality of your albums is important. We’ve all seen those old photo albums with yellowing photos that are falling out or cemented stuck down forever. We want to avoid that, so making sure that your albums are acid free and lignen free (the woody plant substance that turns paper/stickers yellow and then brown) is important. It doesn’t matter the type of album you choose, slide in, digital, or scrapbook, it’s more important to make sure it has some important qualities.

One of the things to look for in an album is a guarantee on the workmanship of the album. There are albums that have a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship of the album. This is important, you don’t want to spend time, effort and money on your photo projects only to have the album be defective. Even when companies have been around for many years, “stuff” happens and you could end up with an album that cannot be replaced. BUT, based on my experience, if there is the lifetime guarantee, usually the quality is good, and most likely you will not have problems, even if the manufacturer does go out of business.

So, what type of album should you use?? The best answer I can give you is …the one that works for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you creative? Are you limited on time? Are you computer savvy? Do you already have boxes of photos? Are most of your photos digital? You gotta think about these things, ya know.

Digital Albums – If your photos are mostly digital you will definitely want to consider a digital type album. Digital albums are quick. They can be creative and “scrapbook-like” or they can be very simple. Everything is digital the decorations, paper and artwork is reusable, saving you money.  There are 2 types of digital albums that I can think of. The slide it album that you insert digital page prints into, or the digital “storybook” album that looks like a book.

Photo album with digital slide in pages

Digital Storybook type album

Storybook type albums come in various sizes

Actually there are even different types of the books, but the general idea is the same; “book-like”).   If you will need multiple copies of your album then digital is most definitely the way to go. Personally the digital “storybook” albums are my favorite, BUT the slide in pages work  too, especially if  you want to mix digital with a more traditional photo album look.

Just a little bit decorative for a slide in album -Excuse the cell phone picture please!

Just a little bit decorative for a slide in album

Slide-in – This album is also a quick solution to getting your pictures into an album with a limited amount of time, money and creativity. If you already have printed photos this type of album is a good option. if you’re not fond of spending time decorating a scrapbook page or you want your album to be quick and simple, then this album is for you. One downside to this type of album is that you are limited to the pocket sizes and the orientation of the inserts. That means, you have to worry if you have too many landscape photos for the album pages. Plus, if your pictures are not that exact size it can be a little challenging to make the album look good.  You can add “matting” to your photo and alleviate this problem.

Even hand writing your headings is ok. It's your album, do what works for you.

Even hand writing your headings is ok. It’s your album, do what works for you.

Are you creative?,  This may be just enough to satisfy your creativity! It’s simple to dedicate one of the page pockets to headings or a decorative journal area. Whether the story is designated to a small area or a full pocket remember it’s important.

Just a simple scrapbook page….they can get pretty elaborate.



Scrapbook Album –  Do you already have printed photos? You may want to think about a scrapbook album. Usually, this is NOT a quick solution for photo album projects and there is most definitely a learning curve to feeling confident in the traditional decorative scrapbook technique.  I think it is also the least budget friendly of the 3 options. There are many supplies paper, adhesive, pens etc. (just to name a few) that can consume your pocketbook.  And seriously, when I say many…I mean many. You can get really carried away spending money on tools and gadgets and supplies for this type of album.  Although some of the items are 1 time purchases, many are consumable and need to be re-purchased and restocked. However, a scrapbook album is a beautiful, creative option. This album type is much easier to integrate memorabilia into than the other two options.

Because, as I said, a picture is not worth much without a few words. Remember, no matter what your style you’ll want to remember the stories, and so will the people you love. That means you’ll need to write them down. All of the above albums are good options for this. Another important tip…when you are choosing your album, be realistic.  Choose wisely, based on your own personal needs, don’t let anyone make you feel like it has to be perfect or exactly like theirs.  If you don’t have the time or desire to make fancy scrapbook albums….don’t, it’s ok to choose the simpler, quicker route if that’s what works for you. Later we’ll take a look at where you can find each of this type and a couple of pros and cons.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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