A Picture Is NOT Worth Much….Without A Few Words

Just in case you’ve been wondering….life has been full around here. I’ve thought about writing; more than once…but I was caught up in the demands of here and now and the blog was the last on the list, usually when I was way too tired to make any thoughts sound sensible.   We had a great Easter, church in the morning and then spent the rest of the day with family and missed the family that lives out of state.

I then set my sights on preparing for a scrapbooking mountain retreat that I have hosted twice a year for many years. It was wonderful to get away with girlfriends, relax, laugh watch movies and of course, spend some time doing something I find rewarding.  Through the years my memory keeping has evolved from traditional scrapbooking, to decorative slide in options, to digital albums and back again to scrapbooking.  Each type of memory keeping has served it’s purpose…to get my pictures out of my camera/computer and into an album for my family to enjoy, but lately this ongoing project has gotten out of hand.  I’m unorganized and therefore it’s hard to continue.  I needed to change this, so I made a commitment to organize a group of pictures (one of my daughter’s) and get focused!

Before leaving, a friend had asked if I would be willing to put her heritage family photos into an album.  She had tried to get organized and do it herself but realized that she’d rather pay me for my time, then figure it out for herself.  I had planned on working on this album while on the retreat, so she stopped by to go bring the pictures and go over some ideas/details. Between her mother (who has passed) and her, they had names of people, dates of birth, stories, newspaper articles and notes for this album. There were photos dated back to the 1800’s.  I was impressed! It was important to her that it was all organized and written down while there was still someone who knew the details and could pass them along to future generations.  It was during our meeting that she nonchalantly said….”As I sorted through the pictures, I just threw the ones away that I didn’t have information or names for”  I totally knew why she said this; why would you want pictures of unknown people. It’s kind of like keeping the photos that come in your picture frame when you purchase it in the frame and hanging them in your home.  They’re nice pictures but there is no reason to have them hanging around.

I did spend some of my weekend organizing her pictures for the album but mostly I worked on my own album.  You see…that statement haunted me. I really didn’t EVER want that to happen to my photos. My commitment to this project was renewed. This last Saturday was National Scrapbook Day (yes there is such a thing) so I worked on her album for a couple of hours. I got about 10 pages completed.  Loved them; simple, clean and beautiful because the decorations don’t take away from the pictures.

In this day of digital we take so many pictures, between our phones, cameras, tablets etc. yet hardly any of these pictures are printed.  I have said this often (I may sound like a broken record)…the digital age is going to result in whole generations not having photos of themselves. So how do you solve this…make a decision…to print some of your pictures.  Just some will serve a purpose.  Over the next couple of posts I’m going to explore some of the options available to help you with preventing someone from tossing your photos, or a fate just as bad…losing them to social media sites, or computer problems.

Stay tuned and figure out which is easiest for you…because no matter how safe you think the digital age is….you could be wrong…probably are wrong…and you, your kids and your family’s heritage stories are at stake.  See you soon, I hope.






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