Are You User Friendly?

You may know that I looove to go to church; like, I never want to miss a Sunday. One of the many reasons that I get up on Sunday morning, when I could be sleeping (I like sleep) is that I love to learn about Jesus and the bible. It intrigues me, the more I learn, the clearer the picture becomes, and God’s word opens up my eyes further to the truth.

Every once in a while, I’ll hear something related to God and it will really get me thinking. Recently the term “Holy Spirit user-friendly” popped up.  I immediately began to ponder this term.  What a great concept; to be Holy Spirit user-friendly!

The term user-friendly is usually associated with a computer or a software application, but it can actually be related to anything man-made that interacts with a human. According to or Merriam Webster if something is user-friendly it is easy to learn, use, understand, or deal with, in other words, easy to operate. I looked it up….cause I wondered. .  .  .  .  .Was I user-friendly to the Holy Spirit?

As Christians we should seek God’s will and pay attention to that small inner voice that we feel are nudging’s from Him. Some people might say that voice is just “your intuition” but I really don’t believe that; the “coincidences” are just too much to pass off as nothing.  Coincidences like, while packing the small ice chest with a couple of water bottles for a soccer game, it pops into my head that I should add more ice to the chest, just in case someone get’s hurt. Oh, and don’t forget a bag, the ice won’t be much good if you don’t have a bag to put it in. It was such a random prompting, I had never thought this before. I decided to listen on this day….and of course, it was my child that came out of the game injured!  I doubt that type of circumstance is just a coincidence. I believe that it’s the Holy Spirit helping me; God’s voice.  There are times like this that I’m aware of God’s urgings, but sometimes, I’m not a very good listener.  Sometimes the prompting is a little bit more than just adding ice to the ice chest, Maybe it’s buying food for a homeless person, or telling someone that Jesus loves them, but at times my own agenda gets in the way, my schedule and calendar can cause me to not take the time to show God’s love to someone. Even my ego can get in the way (don’t want to look silly, or have other’s judge you). There are moments where I get the feeling that I should do, or say something, but then, I don’t respond right away. I think too long, and then I reason away the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t happen every time, but it does happen. I’m not proud of that. I want to change that! I want to be easy for God to use.

Christians are always wanting to be used by God but are we user-friendly? Do we make it easy for God to use us? Is it possible for us to see what God sees, and to think like God thinks? The answer is yes! Spending time in God’s word changes us, it helps us to understand God’s heart and see the things that God see’s.  It makes us (me) easier to operate, or Holy Spirit user-friendly. (Yes!)  Jesus said that “as the Father sent Him, He sends us”. He even gave the Holy Spirit in us to help.  (John 20:21)

My question is… If we are not user-friendly, not aware of the prompting of the Holy Spirit, how can he send us? And if He can’t send us, who can He send?   Something to think about….

Loved this saying


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