Pillow Procrastination

I’ve had this project lying around my house for sometime now, I convinced the oldest daughter to purchase some pillows on clearance and then cover them with fabric to match the décor in her front room. We had been looking for reasonably priced pillows with no luck, so this was going to be a good idea….except for the fact that I really do not like to sew and should have known I would procrastinate. Every day that I saw the fabric and pillows sitting next to the sewing machine I had this pang of guilt for not just getting it done. Until today…

I made the covers removable so they can be washed or even replace the pillow if needed. I realized this was very easy I’m not even sure I’ll ever make a pillow cover that’s not removable again. Here’s the easy directions on how you can sew your own set and change-up the décor in your home.

How to Make A Removable Pillow Cover

First determine the size of the pillow, I measured from corner to corner and the pillow was 16″ square.  Once you have the pillow size cut 1 piece of fabric 1″ larger than the measurement of your pillow. (for my pillow I cut it to 17 x 17)  That will be the front of your pillow.  For the back of the pillow where the “pocket” is, you will need 2 pieces of fabric.  To determine the size, you will use the same width of 17″, but for the other direction you will divide the size of your pillow in half and add 5 inches.  For my pillow the size would be 8.5 (1/2 of 17) + 5 =13.5 inches.  The two pieces on the back will need to be 17×13.5 each.

Finish the edges of the back two fabric pieces.  Fold over two inches with the wrong side of the fabric together and pin in place. Sew a seam very close to the folded edge. Next tuck under a small 1/4″ at the other edge and  pin to keep in place. Sew another seam so that both sides of the back at the pocket area have finished edges.

Not a great picture but you can see how both edges of the fold are sewn.

The rest is easy from this point.  Pin your 2 back panels along the edge of the front of your pillow, overlapping the sewn edges as shown below.

Lay one back and then the other right sides together and pin in place.

Once it’s pinned and you’ve made sure it’s straight, sew a 1/2″ seam all around the edge of the pillow with the right sides of the fabric together.Here’s the fun part! Turn it right side out.

At this point you can consider yourself done, BUT, to really make it look finished and reinforce the edges of your pillow you should sew a reinforcing seam along the edge of your pillow on the outside. When you do this make absolutely sure your seam is straight.

Spend a couple of minutes and iron the cover, then insert your pillow or pillow form and voila’ you are really finished this time. Enjoy your the fruits of your labor!

Since the pocket overlaps, you cannot see the original pillow, plus if needed you can add a little Velcro in the opening. As you can see I didn’t need it.

Can’t wait to see them in my daughter’s home. Hopefully I won’t procrastinate next time I want to make some pillow covers. It really was an easy project.  Made 2 pillows in no time!


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