What To Do With The Door…

I’ve been eyeing this old door at work…it was removed from some old railroad yard building and it’s been calling my name ever since it was brought back to our yard. I’m kind of a sucker for old houses and furniture, even silly things like old buckets bring back memories of my childhood, and for some reason my grandparents. Maybe it’s because they were older and lived with us, many of the antique “things” either belonged to them or came from them. But any-hoo, so, I have a little weirdness when I see some old item, like an old ugly door….with lots of character, and if it could talk (I’m very aware that it can’t!) I’m sure it would have lots of stories to tell. That kind of explains why, when this door caught my eye…well lets just say I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it.

First I thought about cutting it down and making a headboard for one of the daughters but the size of the paneled area wasn’t going to work.  I resolved myself that I’d have to find another door for that project but I kept noticing it…just sitting there….beckoning for some life again.  It would be gorgeous I’m sure.  Every day I wished it would work for the headboard….then it popped in my head.  “HELLO… you can find something else to repurpose this door! So I got to work..Pinterest here I come.

Click to see it at Embracing Change

I love this one for an outdoor table and especially the bright red chairs.  I even had a plan to update a table on our patio with this inspiration.

Unable to find source. (even with that name on the picture)

Unable to find source. (even with that name on the picture)

Loved this idea too. Even thought the mirror could be a little pricey. I’m sure that one of the daughters would snatch it up right away for their bedroom. There may even be a little bit of arguing over it!

Source unknown

And this one…inspiration for a desk or maybe even a potting bench in the back yard. I’m absolutely sure the hubby is having heart palpitations right now..wondering..will she ever quit?  (I’m sorry hunny..its a curse)

Source unknown

I really wish I had a spot in my house for a sliding door like this….it’s like a decoration and a door all in one.  I know the perfect spot in my daughter’s house. Hmmm??

Huckleberry Lane Porch Swing

I gotta tell you I love this porch swing by Huckleberry Lane.  My hubby made a swing for me once upon a time.  I would love another. (hint, hint)

The possibilities are endless.  Now I just need to ask for the door…I’m sure my boss will just shake his head at me. (he knows how I am too) and then…to get it home…I may have to beg the hubby for his truck.


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