There She Goes…Just A Walkin’ Down The Street

What’s that old song?  There she goes just a walking down the street? I think that’s the way it goes, but more importantly…that song reminds me of this dresser we made over in a weekend (Well actually a little more than a weekend because the hubby had to fix a couple of the drawers).  Why does it remind me of the song you ask?  This was a trash to treasure find from down the block, on my very own street. We will always remember how we got this dresser home.

As I was driving home, I noticed the neighbors carrying some drawers out of the front door and wondered ….what’s up?…are they going to paint something?? I was gawking, looking to see if they were like me and liked to update old furniture. Nope, that wasn’t it at all. There it was, right on the curb, the dresser to go with the drawers being carried. I stopped right away, trying not to skid and call attention to my crazy. I inquired if they were getting rid of the item…was it going to end up being “trash”… was a lucky day!  I went home and walked right down there to check it out.  It wasn’t the best of quality and definitely needed a little work but since Posie had just expressed a desire to have a larger dresser for her bedroom, and it was FREE. It was perfect!

Posie and I hand carried the drawers down the street to our front porch, but then came the problem…the hubby was at home, but he was sleeping because he was very sick, I was sure there wasn’t much chance of him helping me get this dresser. Not to mention he had told me not to bring anything else home.  I had no idea what to do…but Posie did, she remembered that “Dad has that rollie thingy on the side of the house. We can just load it up and roll it down the street”. It was an idea, not real sure if it was a good one but it was the only one we had.  So we dug out the “rollie”thingy”, made sure there were no spiders (cause spiders are evil) and rolled it down the street(that was the hard part cause it weighs about 80 pounds! ), then we loaded the dresser on it and rolled it right down the street, (very nonchalantly I might add) laughing all the way about how silly we must look. It was fun!, to be silly and laugh about what people must think.  That’s how it began. My girls have also taken to my craziness for old furniture as you can tell from this previous adventure of theirs.

Back to the story…since there was not one stitch of room in the garage, because all of the Christmas decorations were down, we had to get it from the front porch, to the back yard for painting,,  Getting it back there, (through the house) without the hubby seeing it, was going to be a chore. We were going to have to be in ninja mode!  I know, it was kind of like delaying the inevitable, but we had a plan to get it completed quickly and he was sick, so maybe we could get it started and all would be ok by the time he found out…right? Wrong…he caught us!  But in the long run all was ok, he laughed at our crazy antics and the next day he even helped with the project.

It turned out great right!

Cost:  $56.60

  • 4 cans of spray paint – approximately $16.00
  • Drawer pulls from Lowe’s –  $32.00
  • Knobs from Hobby Lobby – $8.60 (50% off)
  • Repair of drawers – Liquid nails and paint sticks  $.00

I’m sure I could have spent some time finding used drawer pulls and knobs to lower the cost, but remember…we were trying to complete it quickly (before I had to go back to work from vacation) That was the priority for this project.  And since it was free…there was a little room in the budget for knobs. Here’s the breakdown.. Seriously most of it was on the pulls and knobs.  I wanted to paint the old ones but only 6 of them were usable. I guess they’ll be around for another project in the future.

I’m thinking about stenciling on the front of it but am just taking my time on that one…finding the right stencil. Not bad for $57.00, right?


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