Living In The Fastlane


I can always tell, beyond a shadow of doubt when my life is a shambles!

It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual thing, but before I know it…WHAM! It’s a MESS!


I opened my trunk on the weekend to load up some chairs and a bag for a day at the beach (yes in February) and this is what I found! Normally the trunk of my car is mostly empty but as you can see it’s far from that!

 Just to give you an idea of what I mean, here’s a rundown of the supplies I had on hand … soccer ball, cleats, jacket, scarf, blanket, 2 pieces of plywood (for a project I’m gonna start), 2 foam squares (I wanted to return them but I couldn’t find the receipt), and you can’t see it but there’s a curly ribbon bow for a present. (in case I want to wrap something on the go). That’s just in the trunk.

I’m almost embarrassed to show you the inside but I promise, it’s not like this on a regular basis!

Here’s the center console…

 I have my money stash…right out in sight, (stupid, I know, but I just didn’t’ have time to put it back in the purse) and that bundle of papers are receipts, lists, notes and coupons that I’ve acquired.  I actually gathered them from around the car a couple of days ago and put them there in one spot to sort through.Check out the corn dog stick…that is a necessity for your car right?! And there is a book mark…for the book that’s in the house! And in case you are wondering…the receipt for those foam pads is NOT in there!


Passenger floor board..Isn’t that a pretty sight? Another jacket, more papers and receipts, an extra pair of shoes and a carpet sample (not the sample I chose for my family room, just one that I didn’t like, I guess I decided that I should leave it in my car for some unknown reason!)




Oh, and don’t forget the passenger seat…


the purse, a book, but not the one that the bookmark came from, that would be too simple!, A soft case for the glasses that I just received for my birthday (I sure hope the glasses were on my head at the time because right now I have no idea where they are (I know I had them at the beach but after that …???)



And the back seat…check it out!


Yet another jacket, and that smidge of red fabric…not a jacket but a sweater! There’s my bible that hasn’t made it into the house in over a week, thank goodness I can read it on my phone! A tote bag of necessities and paperwork for a class that I facilitate at church, usually that’s in the trunk but maybe I just felt there wasn’t room!


Lastly, in the gap between the door handle and the door,  a rolled up piece of blue electrical tape…a must for any soccer girl with a blue uniform, (I’m not responsible for that one!)


And to top it all off…The darned car needs to be washed too! You know, so I can see out of the windshield when the sun hits it!

I am really not one of those bloggers where everything in life looks like it’s perfect, I’m far from it! I like to call it real!

Seriously, when the car get’s like this, it’s a clear indicator that I need to sloooowww doowwn!

I did just that this weekend.  I spent time lots of time with my family, including my adorable granddaughter (if I do say so myself) and had a thoroughly relaxing day at the beach with Posie. I really tried not to stress out about all the things that I wasn’t getting done and enjoy the moments!

BUT, this morning when I went to work….I noticed….I still have a messy car! I hope I have time to clean it soon.



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