The Strangest Dream

You know how you can be sleeping, sometimes even dreaming, and yet be aware of the happenings around you?  The other morning I had this happen,  I was aware that I was dreaming and sleeping at the same time….sounds weird, I know.

Stranger than that….you will NEVER guess what I was dreaming of. I wanted to do laundry!  (insert that ugly record screeching sound here) (and yes you did read that correctly!)  What? I woke up right away! Laundry?  Seriously?  That’s what my dreams are made of these days?  After having a good laugh at myself, I was still looking forward to getting up to do laundry!  Not long ago I would have called a dream like this more like a nightmare but, this was a good dream. I was actually looking forward to washing my bed sheets!

Would you like me to explain how I lost my mind? 

It will make perfect sense once I explain….well, maybe not perfect sense, but at least you may understand my insanity.

A while back I was given a sample of homemade organic laundry detergent to try; to be honest it sat around for sometime before I finally got my self organized and used the detergent.  The first load was just some colored clothes and I really didn’t think much about it other than it really smelled great and I knew it was supposed to be better for your skin, until I pulled a cotton button down shirt from the washer.  It was a light blue and white striped shirt and I thought….Does that white, look whiter? Again, when it came out of the dryer I thought it was whiter and brighter. I shrugged it off to my imagination.  The shirt was part of my daughter’s Disneyland uniform and as I carried it up stairs she saw it and seriously did a double take at the shirt.  She confirmed it, the shirt looked much cleaner and brighter!

From that point on each load was an experiment.  There were so many little improvements in our laundry but the real test was my hubby’s dirty, work clothes….they are always very dirty and sometimes full of concrete, but I’ve noticed that they are cleaner than they used to be! I’m hooked!  I’ve washed blankets that are softer and fluffier, towels that are fuller and now I’m dreaming of washing my bed linen!  I just know I’m going to love how clean they come and how great they smell!

Since I’ve lost it (in a good way) about this detergent I thought it only fitting that I share the great product that I’ve found.  The name is  B&N Laundry.

Well actually my daughter found it..a friend of her’s makes and sells the detergent from a website. I promise I’m not getting paid in any way for this recommendation. I just love it that much!  Here’s a few of the reasons I think you should give it a try.

  • It’s all natural – no chemicals and good for your skin, this is especially good if you or someone you love has allergies or medical problems. (take a look at the “our story” part of the website to see some of the inspiration for the laundry detergent).
  • It’s inexpensive – You only use a little scoop, I think it’s a table spoon and the scoop comes with the detergent.  I had a hard time with this….I could not understand how that little amount of detergent could clean my clothes, but it did! Because you only use a little bit it lasts for a very long time.
  • It smells great! – I have the lavender but have ordered the eucalyptus for the next time. Can’t wait, I love that smell.
  • They have other all natural laundry products– I haven’t tried them yet but will soon be ordering the wool dryer balls
  • My laundry is cleaner! – No need for explanation here!
  • And I’ve noticed that the lint trap on my dryer has less lint when a load is done. Do you know that commercial laundry products add filler to their products? It doesn’t all wash out and many times that debris buildup from the filler is the “lint” that comes from your clothes.

You can order it online and it comes in a flour sack so it’s easy to ship. When I visited the website of B&N Laundry, I noticed their slogan

Love Your Laundry

– DISCOVER  A   BETTER  WAY  TO  Do Laundry –


How fitting right!? I mean I’m dreaming of doing laundry! What could be better than that? Don’t you want to dream of doing laundry instead of dread it! That’s another reason you should try it, because I need you to understand my madness!

God Bless!



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