Oh, My Gosh!! I’m Surrounded…Please Send Help!

Tonight was one of those moments in our house….I wonder how my daughters even survive, and I’m really glad they are safe and sound under my roof because otherwise I would seriously worry!

Today Posie received the first academic award of her high school years…Not that I got to see it, because in high school they don’t really encourage parents to come and see the award ceremony. The school did celebrate them with cake as a reward. And after receiving the award, I received a picture via text message on my phone, evidence of the Principals Honor Roll for her straight “A’s” and her 4.33GPA.  That was a proud moment.Tonight her Spanish homework was answering some simple questions. So she asked.. “What do you say to yourself when the telephone is busy?” Well honestly we laughed a little because who EVER gets a busy signal on the phone these days…It’s just not heard of. (unless your calling a government office)  She came up with the answer. “What is this beeping sound?”  I thought to myself. “I hope she knows how to say that” but figured that she had it under control.  A few minutes later another question was “What do you say when you answer the phone?”  She laughed…and said “Hello, DUH!”  I knew she could say “Hola” and then it happened…the 4.33 GPA revealed itself….her next response was “oh, wait, am I supposed to be answering these questions in Spanish??  The whole house burst into laughter!  Hello,  DUH!, it is Spanish homework! And here defense…”it wasn’t in the directions!” I promise, she really is a smart child…seriously…she was just tired after a long game of soccer, yea, that was it!….even though she has moments of, well….blondness.

About 20 minutes later the middle daughter had a munchie and was heading to the grocery to get a healthy snack ….there was nothing in the house so I gave her a small list of items that we needed for breakfast and lunch. There were only a couple of items, bread, coffee creamer, grapes, green beans and two bananas (the hubby is the only one who is eating bananas right now) It didn’t take long, she was back in no time. The hubby glanced over while she put the groceries away and said….”Oh My Gosh!, why did you get so many bananas?” And there was the look…”what?….Mom said get two!”

bunch of bananasAnother big burst of laughter!

Yep, that’s two alright! Two BIG bunches of bananas, 11 bananas in all!   I’ve never bought that many bananas at one time, like ever! And she’s not even blonde!

Oh, my Gosh!! I’m surrounded…please send help!



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  1. Lol!

    First, I was a little mad, I wanted to see the award too. Second, she’s a debater at heart. If it wasn’t in the directions, she’s good to go! She is a lot like her sister and mother. Third…. Middle daughter- goofball.

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