A Christmas To Remember

Today I woke in a good mood, ready to take on the day.  There’s a lot to do today but for some reason I’m not stressed.

I decided to make time to attended a meeting last night and came away feeling a sense of gratitude and blessing.   I listened to several others express their dislike for “the holidays” for many good reasons. I even understood where they were coming from, but in listening, I realized that I didn’t feel that way.  I felt anticipation for a day celebrating the birth of Christ with my family.

Up until now, I’ve been stressed, very stressed actually, I don’t have much spare time and adding several extra tasks has not helped my mood.  Because of that, I’ve been grouchy, my family would say very grouchy!

I’ve had the “perfect plan” to enjoy a family Christmas tradition, only to have it ruined thrown off course, by a knock down drag out argument with one of my girls. I say thrown off course because my hubby was smart enough to stop us after a bit. His insisting that the yelling stop helped me to realize that I had to make a decision to let go of my anger and enjoy the time we had set aside for us, or to hold on to it and not enjoy the time that was planned.  The enemy had a plan to ruin that day and would have loved it if we had allowed that to happen.

While looking for a recipe I had pinned on Pinterest, I noticed that I have a board labeled “Christmas crafts”,  I laughed, I had not even looked at it.  I hadn’t completed many crafts or fun handmade items on my list. I had some big plans!  Oh, there were a couple completed,  but many were left undone.

christmas ornaments in treeI had purchased some ornaments to use for a for a photography session with the intent to create either a hanging collage in my yard  like this one (without the snow of course as I live in sunny California)







or over my table like this one.christmas light fixture

Only to have them sit on the floor in the back seat of my car for a month. I even broke a couple by adjusting the driver seat up and back. Last night when I cleaned the car and removed the ornaments, I thought…well they’ll be there next year, and I’ll know what I want to do with them by then. No biggy, no one but me knows I didn’t do it…well now you do too.

I’m sharing because things have definitely gone wrong over the last month or so, I have been in tears, felt like I’m hanging on to my sanity by a thread, been a martyr, feeling like I do everything and others do nothing, lashed out at the people I love, (thank God they put up with me) even my boss has expressed concern that he’s glad there are no guns in our office so he didn’t have to fear for his life. But today, I feel relief, not because everything is perfect, or that my family is great, because we’re not. Not because all of the work is done, because it’s definitely not, but because today, I’m choosing to be happy joyous and free from stress.

The season gets bogged down with to do lists and creating the perfect event or family outing. We get caught up, we want that illusion of perfect, when reality is, it’s an illusion, we buy into it and forget the reason for the day we are working toward. Then get disappointed or upset when we don’t have what we think everyone else has or what the holidays should be.

My prayer for you (and for me) is that you don’t let the day pass without spending some time enjoying it for what it is. A celebration of God sending His son down to earth to save us from our sins. That we concentrate on these popular yet sometimes forgotten sayings.

Pallet Christmas tree

  • “Prince of Peace” – Let there be peace in your home.
  • Wonderful Counselor – Let your day be wonderful and the love of Christ be your example
  • Holy Son of God – Spend a few minutes in awe of this
  • Emmanuel – God with us, let him be present in your celebration, in both your thoughts and actions
  • Good News – Everybody needs Jesus and he was sent here to die so we don’t have to.
  • Joy to the World – Worship Him and find Joy in the little moments.
  • Great Joy – Look around, what do you have that is good, not perfect, just good & concentrate on it
  • Christ the Lord – Make him Lord of our lives because His ways are perfect.

With love and prayers for a blessed day,

Noel, Merry Christmas!



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