What Is Stuck On My Foot?

Ever wish life was different?

Sometimes I find myself grumbling about life and lately (this morning being the most recent) I have these realizations and I have to smack snap myself right out of it!

Most of the time I have a grateful attitude but there are those times…when nothing seems to be going MY way, or the EASY way, or the QUICK way, or the PLANNED way (I could go on) and I want to just scream at someone.  I’m sure you can relate, right?? I’m pretty sure of that because I also listen to family and friends who grumble. That is enough to send me into orbit because I am trying to keep myself in an attitude of gratitude and they are just not helping!

A couple of weeks ago I was in this exact situation, listening to someone grumble about life.  I’ve known and loved this person for many years and I had this realization…..at one time in their life….the life they were living was pretty close to what they were wishing for,  “the dream”, and now….grumbling!  Over the next couple of days that very  “a’ha” moment really had me thinking.  Was I too living what was once my dream life and grumbling about it? If so, how would God feel about me living what I asked for and grumbling? It made me think of the story of the Israelites wandering through the desert and grumbling.  That very grumbling was one of the reasons that particular generation did not ever enter the promised land. Was I like a wandering, grumbling, frustrated with God Israelite?

So….I began to pray that I’d be able to keep my attitude grateful along with my prayers of being delivered from some of the struggles of life.   It being the month of “Thanksgiving” that would be appropriate too! God may not work exactly how I think he should, but I feel different.  I am able to laugh and the stressful situations. I mean really laugh, like hysterically laugh and I’ve had these little thoughts drop into my head that keep me on the right track.

Today…I was grumbling and trying to correct my attitude while walking through the kitchen barefoot (if you know me you know that’s not unusual) I had something stick to the bottom of my foot (that’s also not unusual 🙂 ).  It was big enough that I had to remove it and when I looked at what in the world could have been stuck to my foot from the floor that was just swept by my daughter yesterday afternoon, I found a little gemstone.  It had fallen from my key chain, it’s falling apart.  I debated on throwing it away or keeping it to use on a scrapbook or card project. I tossed it, so don’t worry if you get a card from me there wasn’t something stuck on my foot on your card! But, as it went in the trash, the thought dropped into my mind that I have the choice to pick up my gem of a life from the bottom of my foot and enjoy it or I can keep walking around with it stuck on the bottom of my foot with it bothering me, or I can toss it out.   Tossing it out wasn’t an option so I remembered that for the most part, the important part, (not the struggles, of course) this is the life I wanted.  It helped me to change my attitude and I’m now determined to have a bright and shiny day just like that little gemstone and the lyrics of this song!

Hope you have a good day!Sunshine


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