Taking Pictures And Making Memories

So here’s the question….Who’s the “picture taker” in your family?

In my family it’s me, whenever there’s an event where pictures are being taken I’m usually the one behind the camera. I enjoy it; trying to get those moments with the cute smiles, funny faces or just the right shot to showcase a special moment is important to me because I want to remember those times.

Being a Creative Memories consultant has taught me a couple of things about taking pictures through the years but I’ve noticed that it is always the same person taking the family photos. With the improvement of the cell phone camera sometimes you can find other family members snapping pictures  (especially teenagers) but many times it’s mom or dad with the family camera. Usually, I notice moms behind the camera (maybe because I’m the mom??) but no matter who is the photographer of the family they are usually always behind the camera and rarely in the pictures.

We take pictures so we can remember, if you’re the photographer, guess what….your family will want to remember you too! Years from now, they won’t care if you’re perfectly put together, they’ll just care that you are in the pictures. Well, ok, so maybe 20 years from now they may laugh at the clothes you’re wearing, but so will you. Which is just another reason that you should be in the pictures…for a good laugh.  Seriously…GET IN THE PHOTOS!

When my granddaughter was born I was very uncomfortable having my picture taken but it was important to me that when she grew up she could see that I was involved, loved and spent time with her. So…I’ve been trying to ask others to take pictures of me at family events.  It’s difficult for me to let go of the control and be on the other end of the camera lens.  You may have that same problem. I want to encourage you…GET IN THE PHOTOS!

Lastly….if you are like me and have a hard time giving up control of the camera, it’s a good idea to give your family members a little training on the camera.  Tips like how to zoom in and out so you don’t have cut off heads, how to focus your camera (not all are the same), not to take photos directly into the sun, (you can help with this since you will be in the pictures but they should know too) and just some general placement of subjects. Those are just a few, and they’ll make a big difference, plus if you allow them to learn, and coach them along the way, you will not only have good pictures taken by you, but also by your family members.

If you are going to GET IN THE PHOTOS, don’t you want them to be good? It will be one less thing to laugh at in 20 years!  So GO. Make some memories. Take some pictures (oops) Let someone else take some pictures.


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