Enchanted Garden Fairy Birthday Party

Today I realized that soon my beautiful granddaughter would be 2 years old.  I began to wonder how that happened, like overnight, and I started thinking about her birthday party from last year.  This month I’m heading to the mountains for a scrapbook retreat and one of my goals is to get some work completed in her album.  Of course…my wandering mind went right to the pictures from the party and …well you know 🙂 Here they are.

The Fairy Garden theme was the inspiration of my daughter and although I helped with the technical details and of course the work to create this party, the vision was all hers!

The party was held at a nearby park, we trucked in all the supplies (well, not really trucked, but there were a few cars and oh yeah, grandpa’s truck) …that was some work! Here’s the results.

We decorated the covered area with tulle and tissue poms. It’ softened the look of the canopy and made it a little more personal and feminine. We made a few lots of large tissue paper pompoms.  I read a couple of tutorials for making the poms but it definitely helped that when I was a little girl I used to make these with Kleenex.  Here’s a link to one of them.  They looked great blowing in the wind…you can tell there was wind right?

The goodie bags for the children were created with pink lunch bags, more tissue pompoms and some hand cut leaves made from scrapbook paper.

Those are Oreo Cookie pops on the plates…they were a big hit. (Stay tuned for a the post for those).   When decorating for a party, it’s little things that make a big difference.  ie…the little fairy and dwarf figurines.  My “plan ahead daughter” found them while out and about around town.  Again the little things make a big difference.

She bought these adorable spring colored planters at Michaels using coupons she collected, saving money is good, so make sure you use those coupons! I loved all the spring colors

We bought a bag of soil and a flat of spring flowers like petunias and snapdragons, and planted the flowers to place on the table.  the place mat…just a piece of scrapbook paper, cut using my Creative Memories custom cutting system 12″ decorative circle.










For a very good refreshing drink serve lemonade with a couple of choices of flavored syrup….Can you say mmmm!, the pomegranate is my favorite, ended up being my poolside drink for the summer.

Just a little added detail…pictures of the birthday girl throughout her first year and a butterfly tree.  I made the “wish” tree for her baby shower and it’s had it’s fair share of use..not only today, but I’ve also loaned it to a friend for an engagement party wish tree.  It’s nice to see things you’ve created be enjoyed over and over. So if you can think along those lines…like borrowing something, why not save some money, right?

Water bottle labels are another little detail that add a lot to the impact of your party.  We designed these on Storybook Creator to match the party invitation, (also created on Storybook Creator)

Lastly, dessert.  Mmmm.  We chose cupcakes. Strawberry Lemonade and yummy moist white cake.  Whatever you choose…make it yummy so you can enjoy and try to keep it within the theme.  We found these flower and grass cupcake liners at Michael’s.

Planning a party can be daunting but try to have fun. I’d like to tell you to keep it simple but really I have a hard time doing that myself. “Have fun” is the best advice I’ve got, Oh! and ask for help because you wan to enjoy the day…and try to not be stressed!


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