Memories From A Life

Recently, I had to find a picture from about a year and a half ago, for a friend of mine.  I have an amazing program called Memory Manager from Creative Memories; it’s so amazing, that usually I can find pictures from years ago in minutes with just a few clicks of the keyboard.  Imagine that you are looking for a picture of your daughter playing on the swings during your family reunion, from 5 years ago.  You need it quickly because you forgot that she had to bring pictures of herself to school for her “I’m Special” poster. With this program, within 1 minute, you can pull the picture up on your screen for printing, saving the day! Tragedy averted, she is a happy girl and more importantly…You are supermom!

Usually Sometimes that’s how things go around here…. but this day, I was unorganized and I needed this picture for my friend.  So on the way to work I grabbed my hard drive with thousands of pictures on it.  My lovely daughter was coming to work with me for the day and I thought she could spend some of the time in the office scanning for the needed pictures.  Because we were just scanning the pictures on my work computer, not using the program (it is on my home computer) the pictures were in no logical order.  So that meant that scanning most if not all of the pictures was necessary.

I found that while she scanned, she ended up opening many of the pictures old and new to view the larger file.  She called me over to view some of them and we had some fun laughs reminiscing about times that had been captured on digital files. The pictures brought back some fond memories and reminded me of some wonderful family times, even how much I loved and missed some of the people in the photos. I was reminded of the powerful effect that pictures have on our lives.

I was also a little sad, I print my photos, put them in photo albums, and write the stories, about the moments that mean something, and even about the day-to-day moments, but in the last couple of years I’ve become a bit behind.  I really need to concentrate on getting caught up.

I also realized that so many people leave those wonderful pictures sitting in digital files on their computers, on social media outlets, and even in boxes. Even though boxes are not the ideal solution, and even kind of primitive, I believe that they are the safest solution of the three I mentioned.  Digital files are extremely fragile, websites go off-line and even change the resolution of your pictures, altering them, making the quality not suitable for printing. We are trusting the storage of some of our most prized possessions.  I’m worried that our children will grow up, or we will grow old, with no photos to pass on our family heritage and legacy, no funny stories to share, and no proud moments to encourage those we love.  I believe this is a tragic.

For years our biggest fear was that a fire could destroy our pictures. The odds of your house burning down are pretty small. It happens to just .08 percent of U.S. citizens.  Today, the likelihood of losing our digital pictures from a computer/phone/website problem or crash is FAR more likely than a fire. If fact it’s not a matter of “if” you will lose your photographs, it’s more likely “when” you will lose them.

If you are in the same boat that I am with your recent photographs, or maybe even all of your photographs, I want you to imagine how you would feel if you lost all of those photos….or even a year’s worth of photos.  If that does not appeal to you, and I bet it doesn’t, consider a safer way to preserve the photos and moments that mean something to you. Print your pictures, the favorites are enough, just don’t leave them unprotected and find a good, SAFE photo album, write down the stories and preserve those special times.  One day you will be glad you did!

This photo from says it perfectly

This photo from says it perfectly

My choice for my photos is Creative Memories, there are other options available, but I have chosen CM because of the quality and guarantee of their products.   If you’d like to learn more about the different options Creative Memories has for your photos you can visit my personal website, there is something for everyone from simple slide in albums and digital albums to more extravagant decorative albums.

Pick an album that works for you and get started. I’m encouraging you to begin today,

Ok, so tomorrow will work….:-)

Update****  I forgot to mention that we never found the pictures we were looking for on my hard drive and I resigned myself to going home and searching with my amazing Memory Manager program 🙂 ….until a couple of hours later my daughter was so into looking at pictures, she found them on my phone….another dangerous place to leave pictures…but there they were,  just waiting for someone, namely me, to do something with them.


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