The Sock

I have this issue…… Maybe you have it too.  My house can never stay picked up.  I’m sure that it’s a common thing for households but I’m starting to notice a trend, things, like socks, glasses and dirty dishes seem to just appear from nowhere.  It’s really starting to drive me crazy!

I get so tired of asking “Who’s glass is this? Who left this here? Why are there dishes in the sink?” I feel like a broken record and I’m sure that they are tired of hearing me. But then, I wonder, if they were really sick of hearing this from me, wouldn’t they pick up their things so they didn’t have to hear it?

One would think, right?  I don’t have any young kids in my house they are teenagers and older!  They are all fully capable of this type of logical thinking AND picking up around the house.  So sometimes…my head spins…and I have little rantings, most of the time in my head, and my thinking becomes, well…let’s just say…not sane.

Meet the sock.

It was the sock that sent me over the edge into insanity.  Last week it suddenly appeared on the stairway landing. I’m sure that someone dropped it by accident and figured they would surely pick it up once it was noticed. And so I controlled myself and didn’t ask “who’s sock is this?” Wrong! No one picked up the sock.

And that’s where the “not so sane” thinking comes in…I decided to see just how long the sock would be there before someone would pick it up.  As the days (yep, I said days) went by, I had to remember not to get angry and just conduct this as an experiment.  On day 3 the sock moved down a couple of stairs, but again, no one picked it up. Now keep in mind we ALL go up and down those stairs at least 4 or 5 times a day. You have to step right over it on the way

After about Day 5, my thoughts became even more obsessed with the sock.  I decided that I was going to ask my daughters to gather all of the white clothes and start a load of laundry.  I wondered, Would they gather everything else and disregard the sock. I pondered about this plan for a day wondering who was crazier…me for obsessing over this sock or them for leaving it there. And then it happened on Day 6 the sock was gone!

I was shocked….and after a bit I had to ask!  You know what I wanted to know right?  Who picked up the sock.  I started with the youngest because she is usually the most aware and helpful about things that need to be done. Posey, did you pick up the sock?  Her answer…”what sock?”  SERIOUSLY???  WHAT SOCK?  I laughed,” the sock hat has been on the stairs for 6 days that’s what sock”.  I would have bet my last dollar that it was her who picked it up!   As we were talking the hubby walked by and inquired “what are you talking about?” I asked if he picked up the sock. With a little attitude in his voice he said. “Yes, it was sitting on the stairs for 3 days I thought someone better pick it up”.  So…3 days huh? He saw it laying there, and stepped over it, for 3 days before he “thought someone better pick it up.” I guess that’s pretty good.

Since I conducted this test as an experiment, I needed to take a look at what I learned.

  • My family is blind.  Lol!  Not really, they just don’t see things that I see.
  • My hubby is a little slow. Nah!, he’s just taller than me so it’s harder for him to see things on the ground. But, he will pick things up if he needs to.  ps…he doesn’t leave his things laying around! Seriously.
  • I thought that once the toys were gone my kids wouldn’t leave stuff laying around. I was wrong.
  • My children obviously didn’t learn the Clean up song with Barney…no matter how many times we sang it.
  • I will make myself crazy trying to figure them out ….or trying to get them to figure something out.

This is not the first experiment that I have conducted with my family and it probably wont be the last but each time I will learn something…something about them but more importantly something about myself.



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  1. This made me lol. Becuz I toatly understand it. But now Sean and I live alone and we have no one to blame but each other. But now the house stay a lot cleaner. Tawny has moved out since she is getting married next month so the house is so quite. I love it. No empty nesting here.

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