Silence Is Golden

SilenceTonight there is silence…no one in the house but me.  Silence…

Ok, well maybe not silence, since I can hear the hum of certain electronics in my home and the dog barking once in a while, but definitely quiet compared to normal. I know that old saying “silence is golden” is actually referring to not saying things that you shouldn’t, but tonight, silence is golden (a good thing) because I’m enjoying every minute.


A couple of years ago I started to try to “meditate” silence my head for a short time every morning.  Have you ever tried that?  I dare you, give it a shot!  I started with trying to keep my mind quiet for 1 minute, yep you read that right, 1 minute.  It was so hard.  I never realized just how much my mind can spin and it was completely obvious to me that other than when I’m sleeping, it’s always going, never silent. But I kept at it, and it helped me to keep perspective, and to learn that if I’m always thinking, thinking, thinking, then how am I ever going to hear the still small voice of God.  When God spoke to Elijah he did not come to him in the earthquake or the fire or even in the powerful wind. He spoke to him in a whisper.  That’s right a whisper. (1Kings 19:11-13). I’m still not good at it but I’m improving!

I’ve heard of these retreats where you refrain from speaking for days, no reading, writing, speaking or even eye contact…I seriously can’t imagine being able to do that.  You even have to refrain from killing something…LOL,  I bet! They actually mean like a mosquito or fly, but seriously that may be a possibility. In all seriousness, I would bet that you would walk away from something like that a different person than when you arrived. (I just had the funniest thought about my daughter Posey trying to go without speaking for 10 days….she’s probably die!)

I really enjoy nights like this when I get to spend time with no distractions but I would miss all the fun if it was like this too often.


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