Altered Alphabet Letter

I attended a 1st birthday party this last weekend and the theme, Fairy Garden Party, was adorable.  Reminded me of my granddaughter’s 1st birthday.  I never blogged about this day or posted pictures of the party.  I’m going to have to do that soon…better late than never. But for today I want to share one of their cute ideas. (at least I thought it was a cute idea) They asked everyone to bring a decorated letter, you know one of the alphabet, for the birthday girl. We were all assigned a letter and given the color theme for her bedroom.  We could decorate our designated letter anyway we chose and at the end of the day Miss Birthday Girl will have a full alphabet, all color coordinated, and ready to hang on her bedroom wall.

I gotta tell you, I was excited about this idea, maybe because I love crafty things, but for whatever reason, I enjoyed myself and even thought….”who could I make more of these for?” However, I did realize that not everyone may find this fun, or even know how to tackle a task like this. So I decided to share my letter and the “how to” for both inspiration and help.

I chose my letter and some coordinating scrapbook paper.  The colors for birthday girls room were pink, green, grey and black.  The first step was to paint the edges of my letter.  I chose black but in hindsight I think a softer color might have been better, but in the end it worked.

Next, I traced the letter on the backside of my paper and cut it out.



Once it was cut out I used a chalk and “colored” the edges of my letter. (you can also use an ink pad made specially for this) This technique finishes off the edges and gives it a softer look. Take a look at this photo and note the difference between the edges on the “t”.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to chalking, it’s just a personal preference as whether you want to chalk or not chalk.

Once the paint was dry I used my Creative Memories tape runner adhesive to attach the paper to the letter.  Initially I was going to stick it down with Modge Podge but my daughter shared that since her letter had a slick  finish to begin with, the Modge Podge didn’t hold real well.  Personally I found that strange, I love Modge Podge, but I decided against using it…mostly out of fear that it wouldn’t work and I’d have to start over.

Once the paper was attached to the letter, I used a small piece of sand paper and quickly sanded the edges (on a downward angle), this cleaned up the small overhang of paper and smoothed the edges of both the letter and paper.









When the base paper was down I added the coordinating some paper and ribbon as I liked.  I used one of my Creative Memories punches to make my butterflies.

Please forgive this cell phone picture













I cut out the butterflies in coordinating colors and used Modge Podge to stick them together. I made the body by cutting the wings off of a coordinating butterfly and also placed it with Modge Podgs.  I then painted the whole butterfly with Modge Podge to “stiffen” the wings in place before I glued them down. It also gives the scrapbook paper a little bit of a glossy look.


The large flower is made with freehand petals stuck together with CM adhesive and turned up on the edges, then again “stiffened” with Modge Podge before attaching to the letter. The small is another paper punch from CM.  I accented the letter with clear rhinestones too.


You don’t have to make your accents by hand you can purchase just about any type of accent at a craft store like Hobby Lobby (be careful you don’t get lost in there) whether it be stickers ribbon, rhinestones or flowers, you name it, it will work on your letter.  Have fun. Get creative!


You can see I added some tulle and that cute little scalloped piece of paper was of course cut another CM tool the Border Maker. Check it out here

Even the gift tag coordinated with the letter, it was made using coordinated scrapbook paper and yet another Creative Memories punch, the tag maker It’s a great way to make a quick, inexpensive and cute card for any gift.

Can you tell I use my Creative Memories Tools for things other than scrapbooking??




If you have made something like this, post a link, so I can check them out, I love getting ideas from others.

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