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I’m sure that just about everyone is upset about this weekends time change, and for the life of me I cannot figure out what good this accomplishes other that screwing up our schedules.  I don’t have small children’s schedules to contend with any longer….thank goodness, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy….now I have myself to deal with.  As I get older, my internal clock is on it’s own schedule and going to bed early or getting up late is not an easy thing to accomplish. I just know tomorrow is gonna stink!  I know I should be in bed by now even though there is no way I can sleep.

But I did hear a great idea, part of the problem is the weekend goes by way too fast, and suddenly you loose an hour.  The DJ on the radio suggested that the time change actually happen on Friday….Yep, Friday, at like 4pm in the afternoon!  I like that idea…wonder if it would catch on? But reality would bite when Fall rolled around and we would have to stay at work an hour longer. So no matter what…the time change stinks, and Monday…well, that’s gonna be worse.

Of course we can always find a way to put things into perspective…

I didn’t really have things go my way this weekend, it started off bad on Friday and never really recovered so by this afternoon I really needed the laugh I had while driving to a birthday party. Kids can say the darndest things, no matter what age they are. The youngest suggested “we” run in “the color run”.  I wasn’t real sure I heard her right?? Did she just say run??

Well, this peaked my interest, especially since none of us are runners, and also since I have recently began to have thoughts that I need to be more healthy. Personally,  I thought walking would be a good idea but maybe this was a “run” that out of shape people beginners could do.

So I asked, “what’s the color run?” Her answer…”a five K where the spectators throw paint at you along the way”.  Apparently she thought the throwing paint part would be a blast….

Her words….if you stop (actually, even if you don’t stop) they kill you with paint….my words…never mind the paint, if I run a 5 K, I’ll die anyway!”

I am glad to know that she thinks I’m in shape enough to run a 5K



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    • That’s so funny, because after my initial shock I looked up the run and it look like it might be a little fun…of course the throwing not the running 🙂

  1. That is awesome! I can just hear the Convo and laughed out loud!!!! Ps- the whole small children thing is a mess!! My child is totally thrown off.

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