A Gift of Love

Happy Valentines day!

I hope this is not one of those days that you wish would not roll around every year.  I’ve never really understood why some people find this day such a bummer, maybe that’s because I’ve been married for such a long time (like an eternity or at least something along those lines) that I don’t remember what it’s like to be single.  This could be true…but seriously folks…It’s just a day.

Yesterday I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to find time to get the people I love a gift, but last minute night I ran out to the nearest Target and took care of that. I laugh because although I was there to pick up some Valentine gifts, I was relaxed; I gotta tell you there was not much relaxing going on in that store.  The card isle was jam-packed, arms were coming out of nowhere, snatching cards to read; people searching for just the right sentiment. I was so glad that I didn’t have to tackle that area.

The shelves in the “Valentine” section had been ransacked and were bare, which actually made the shoppers in more of a frenzy.  Posie, said that the isles had “Wal-Mart status”.  I slowly wandered the section to see if maybe I could spy a fun little trinket for the granddaughter, but I think my relaxed mood was an irritation to the frantic.  So I exited there, resolving that it just wasn’t worth the stress to be in the busy section and lose my calmness.  Makes me laugh as I think back to some of the conversations overheard (not that I was eavesdropping, they were in a public place!) actually as I think back, the whole scene in my head is kind of comical.

I’ve always given my daughter’s a little gift and card to let them know that they are loved. I’m not talking a big gift just a little something.  Sometimes it’s a Starbuck’s card with some chocolate and sometimes it’s just chocolate, and the same goes for the hubby. He always gets a little something, this year was simple and inexpensive …a handmade card and his favorite candy, you can always please my hubby with candy!  On the drive home tonight I was thinking about how grateful I am that the hubby and I can be “ok” with a small Valentine gift or celebration. However, if everything works in our favor, and things are on a bit larger scale, like a dinner out, or more, that’s ok also.  There’s so much pressure that is associated with this day, especially for men.  I know women who are really upset if their husbands don’t come through in a big way, and by upset, I mean up-set!  I have a hard time with this, it’s so silly. Who said that men have to be the ones with all the pressure to make this a special day for women….doesn’t the street go both ways…shouldn’t we wives or girlfriends try to make our men feel loved also?  I wondered how a day that is supposed to be centered around love could, at times, get a little off. And people can be so cynical too!

Do we really have to prove our love with gifts?  Could the pressure have something to do with competitiveness? Either the giver or the receiver’s competitiveness.  Are we worried about what other’s think? Do our expectations set us up for disappointment? Are we worried that if there’s no “big gift or event” that we must not be loved? Hmmm.

I wondered how God would celebrate Valentines day. I mean after all, God is full of love for all of us and His love is that special kind of, agape love, that you don’t have to do anything to earn. In fact, it doesn’t even change when you mess up! And it doesn’t expect anything in return. So what would he do?  God Is Love.  God’s love is perfect, it is not based on what we do or what we have, it is not determined by our attitude or  our behavior.  There is nothing that we do that determines how he loves us!  It’s a gift!  The perfect gift called grace. The love of Christ Jesus, whom God sent to die so that we can live.

Romans 8:35-39 – For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

This type of love is like no other and is the perfect example of how we should love, selflessly.

Selfless…does not mean, what can I be with someone to love me, but what can I do to show love to someone and not expect anything for myself in return.

If there’s no special person in your life, or even if there is, maybe you could be a special person to someone….Someone who needs some love, someone sick, someone old, someone young or someone in need. Just Someone.

You could be the difference for them and it’s known that when we show someone love, we actually feel love ourselves.  So let this Valentine’s day be the one, the one that you begin to show love everyday to others, with a smile, a kind word or even a small gift.  Any random act of kindness will do!



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