Ribbon Organization

I am so excited to tell you about my little project this weekend.  I organized the ribbon in my craft room.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and wondering about the best way to accomplish this task.  I searched Pinterest several times looking for just the right idea but I was stumped. I wasn’t sure whether I should do a hanging organizer or a spindle type, have it on display or not. I just didn’t know what would work best. Whatever I decided, I knew that I wanted it to be flexible enough that I could add to the ribbon and also have easy access.  I almost  followed suit with a friend, and used sock organizers in fabric covered boxes.  I liked that idea because they would fit in one of the cubbies of  my 4×4 expedit shelf.

But this morning while surfing Pinterest I saw this idea and decided to give it a try.

Best Ribbon storage idea EVER.    Store on 4x4 chipboard coasters with binder clips.    56 rolls of ribbon stored in the same amount of space as 16 rolls of ribbon.

I had previously purchased some Kassett storage boxes from Ikea and had been trying to decide what items would be best stored in them.  They were just right for this project…already here, free (you know because I already had them), they had a clean and simple look to them and best of all they fit perfectly into the Expedit shelf.

I had some 12×12 squares of chipboard so I measured the width of my box and cut them with my Creative Memories trimmer. The inside of the box measured 6 inches wide so I cut the boards at a width of 5 3/4 inches to they would fit right inside with no rubbing on the sides of the box (my chipboard cards measured 5 3/4 x 4). After completing the project I realized that I could have made them taller, but oh well.

Here’s the ribbon pile before I organized it, as you can see it was overflowing the small little box I had it in, and the clear containers (right hand side, full of ribbon) just didn’t work for me.  I could see the colors but it was a pain to pull out the ribbon and it was always tangled.

 After cutting the chipboard I wrapped the ribbon around the cards and secured them with paperclips and these little binder clippy thingys.  I realized about midway that I will invest in more of the “clippy thingys” because they hold the ribbon very secure and the cards actually stand up straight in the box or on the work table.  I do believe that I will actually have to head to the office supply to buy these.


Here’s the end result…I took 32 rolls of ribbon, color coordinated them (as best as possible), wrapped them around the chipboard and placed them in this one box…did you catch that…I said “ONE” box, with room to spare!  I even left the spools that were unopened in tact and placed them in the box.  32 rolls and 2 clear containers full of ribbon fit into 1 box and not a big box either!

It was a little time-consuming but an easy task, it took about 2 1/2 hours but well worth the time. Another thing that I like is that I can see all of the ribbon by just taking a quick look.  No digging through jars or boxes any more. I know I’ll be adding to this box of ribbon and there is still room to do that without crowding the box…and I can always fill a new one right?


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