Looking Back….

Hi!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. The holiday fell on a good day for me, it meant that I had some much-needed days off of work (more than usual), I tried to enjoy every minute.  I even tried to be a little spontaneous, I decided to take a last-minute quick trip to Disneyland a couple of days before Christmas.  I am so not good at spontaneous!…I’m a planner…an unorganized planner, but definitely, there needs to be a plan! We had a good time and I promised myself that I wouldn’t regret the “fun” by getting all stressed and grouchy afterwards because there wasn’t enough time to get everything done. I think I did ok…even left some things undone and believe it or not….Christmas wasn’t ruined!

As this year comes to a close, I’m beginning to realize that I’m looking forward to 2013.  I think I always feel this way at the beginning of a new year, it’s like the slate is wiped clean and I can start out brand new again. It doesn’t make sense that I feel this way because in reality nothing is new, I still have the same life, with all of the same people and events, but it just seems to feel fresh and new.  I’m a bit thankful for that feeling, even the same ole, same ole, feels good today.

Last year I posted some DIY goals for 2012, I thought I should see just how I did when it came to my plans.  The best laid plans of mice and men seem to go awry, (I think this saying came from a book or movie or something like that) and my plans…well lets just say I had a good laugh.  I knew that I hadn’t completed many of those goals, but once I took a look I realized that I didn’t complete one of the things that was on my “to do” list at the beginning of the year!  But that’s ok….because I did complete other DIY projects….several as a matter of fact.  I painted my jewelry armoire, the family room fan, a television stand for my daughter, painted 3 rooms…(not in my house but I still did it right?) made blind/valances for the windows in my daughter’s room and painted and stenciled some repurposed cabinets that I made into scrapbook/craft tables for my new craft room. I helped plan a beautiful 1st birthday party for my granddaughter and coordinated the Christmas décor for a huge women’s ministry event. I’ve listed only a few the bigger tasks among many, so I’m not disappointed In fact…. I almost understand why I’m a bit of a crazy person!

All in all, it’s been an ok year…some trying times and some good, some sad moments and some full of laughter, but…of course….I’m once again, hoping for a great year. So bring it on 2013,  I think I’m ready…


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