Home-Made Foaming Soap

Happy Wednesday! Wednesday is usually a blah day for me…don’t know why but when I say “Happy Wednesday” it makes it a little bit better.  Today I am going to tell you how to make foaming soap. I love foaming soap, especially foaming soap from Bath and Body Works, but I’m not too fond of the price of this wonderful soap. When it’s on sale like it is right now, it’s a great deal, but to be honest, the thrifty girl in me just has a hard time spending the money on soap when I’d rather buy something else.

So…I did what any thrifty girl would do …I searched the web, and found a blog post on making your own foaming soap.  I wish I could find it again so I could give credit where credit is due, and say thank you for the great advice, but I’ve tried and finally given up. I tried this several months ago but I wanted to use the soap and see how it worked and how the home-made foaming soap stood up to the store-bought.  I have a couple of “I wish this was different” wishes, but the price difference between the home-made and the store-bought makes up for the wishes.

Go ahead ask! “How do you make foaming soap?”  It’s so easy.  First you will need a foaming soap container, so save that old soap container when your finished.  Once it’s empty, add about a couple of teaspoons of liquid soap in the container.  I used Dawn because it’s anti bacterial, tough on grease, soft on hands (I want to say that I don’t watch commercials but I must subliminally pay attention) and the best part…it came in the color I was looking for. Once you have your soap in the container, slowly add water up to the top and mix it up a little by gently moving it around, but don’t shake it! That’s it!  Push the button and Voila’,  “Foam!”  It is totally thrifty down right cheap! I think that the cost ratio is some crazy number like 15 containers of homemade foaming soap to 1 container of store-bought foaming soap.  And it works!  I wondered if it would eventually clog or ruin the dispenser pump on the container but it didn’t.  My family has been using this for about 8 months.

Now that you know the pro’s about making your own foaming soap here are two of the cons that I’ve found.

1. The fragrance is not the same.  You can buy liquid soap that has a fragrance but once you add the water it definitely dilutes the smell.  Bummer!  I like things that smell good.  I haven’t figured out how to fix this that is not a little costly and therefore adding to the price of the home-made soap.

2.  The container is rather plain and one may even say ugly!   I removed the label from my foaming soap container because it didn’t reflect what was actually in the bottle and although it wasn’t inaccurate any longer it was most definitely boring.  So I fixed it…now I really love it, it matches my bathroom decor perfectly and the best part….it cost hardly anything!

Here’s how I did it,

First things first…I headed off to Michael’s and found a piece of scrapbook paper the perfect color and a design that I liked.  I happened to get lucky and the paper was on sale for 4 for $1. That meant that my paper cost 25 cents!  Can’t beat that! I placed my container on a piece of wax paper, wrapped that wax paper around the bottle and created a pattern.

Once the pattern was cut out, I made sure that it fit exactly like I wanted it to.  I had to trim it and adjust the size a little.  My bottle was wider at the bottom than the top and therefore it was kind of difficult to cut just the right sized pattern.  I wanted it to match correctly.

Next, I took that pattern and placed it on the scrapbook paper right in the place where I loved the design and cut out my “label” for the soap container. I painted a coat of Modge Podge (I love this product)  on the container and placed my scrapbook label.  I made sure that there were no bubbles or wrinkles, and that it was all stuck down…. and I let it dry.

Lastly, once it was dry I painted Modge Podge over the whole scrapbook label to make it a bit more durable and also water proof, since I know someone is going to grab it with a soaky wet hand!  Once again it had to dry…overnight is best.  Here’s the end result!

Go ahead, save some money…(everybody wants to save money at Christmas time), give it a try.



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