In The Name Of Entertainment

Do you ever have a ranting episode in your head?

The kind where you wonder,  “what the heck?” and you wish you could just scream at the illogical things people say and do.

I had one of those moments today!  I made the mistake of clicking on a headline on the home page of my internet browser. The headline stated that in the wake of Friday’s shooting a TV network had cancelled a Blake Shelton Christmas special due to a possible offensive situation. Yes, it caught my eye, I thought “Blake Shelton offensive?”  and I clicked.   And the stupidity of the article got me thinking….well actually ranting, a little in my head. I may cause you to rant or maybe you’ll see what I saw but either way…I’ll get this off of my chest.

Apparently, “in the wake of the shooting” there were several TV and film shows that were either cancelled, rescheduled or gave disclaimers of violence and disturbing images as to not offend their viewers. There were season finales, for a television series about a serial killer, screenings of Tom Cruise’s new violent thriller, a Los Angeles premiere of a new violent movie, (I didn’t list the names of these movies because I don’t want to promote them in any way), a pilot for a potential new series about “the best funeral ever”, and Fox on Sunday night replaced new episodes of Family Guy and American Dad with repeats because the new episodes could be offensive (don’t even get me started here because as far as I’m concerned the subject matter of these shows is offensive on a regular basis.) This night, however featured a demon who punished naughty children on Christmas. And poor ole’ Blake Shelton had an animated segment of a reindeer killing. (yes I said animated).

Seriously?…this is considered entertainment?   This is just a small sampling of the shows that were either cancelled or rescheduled due to their graphic offensive nature. Apparently, it is a ritual for entertainment companies to rearrange things in the wake of a tragedy and yes, I am glad they had some compassion,

And yet ….if it wasn’t for the tragedy at Sandy Hook, this would be considered entertainment!

And we wonder….”how can something like this happen?”

Apparently “The View’s”  Elizabeth Hasselbeck asked that same question to a  forensic psychiatrist they had invited onto the show.

We wonder…How can this happen?. . . . and we entertain ourselves, and our children with violent, graphic television and films and then tell ourselves that it doesn’t affect us.

I do believe the statement goes something like this… “It’s just entertainment!, it’s not real”

So go ahead…tell that to the people of Newtown…I think it’s real for them.

Maybe just, maybe we should not only consider the responsibility of “gun control” but also the responsibility of how we “entertain” ourselves. I began to think about the shows that air in my home and how my newly teenage daughter refuses to watch one in particular, Criminal Minds” due to it’s “creepiness” and she’s right, I have actually thought…this is a sick show…who would think of this?  And it’s piped into our homes on a regular basis.

As much as I’d like to blame the entertainment industry for this type of so-called entertainment, we have a part, because we watch.

I’m awake….


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