I Hope….

Today is the follow-up post to yesterday’s Secret Weapon post. I hope you’ve decided to give it a try, maybe because you want to hand your child a gift that will encourage and inspire them for a very long time or maybe you’ve just been wanting to give scrapbooking a try.  For whatever reason, I hope this helps you with some ideas for the photos of your children. 

The first step is to determine the type of album you want to create.  I always recommend Creative Memories Albums, not just because I am a consultant but because they are truly the Cadillac of scrapbook albums. If I’m going to put my priceless pictures in an album I want to know not that they are safe from damage but also that the album will stand the test of time and of course lots of page turning!

If that creative scrapbook stuff gives you a headache, don’t worry, pick a simple slide in album like the Creative Memories Picfolio albums.  If super quick and easy is for you, I’d suggest the Picfolio 13×9 or the Picfolio 4×6 (this size will not be available long). The 13×9 will accommodate more than 1 picture on a page and still have room for your hopes and dreams to be jotted down.  And the best part, it’s expandable so you can add more pages to this album as time passes. This album is so quick and easy to create; just slide your pictures in a slot and add a photo mat  (piece of decorative paper)to write on (if you want you can add a mat behind the pictures to add some color to your page) and your done!  Easy Peasy!! I would guess after the hard work…deciding on your pictures and what hopes you’d like to write about….it should only take you about an hour to complete this project. Super Quick!

If you have a knack for scrapbooking. or maybe you are the type of person that loves to be creative, then you may want to try the traditional scrapbook type album. I’d still suggest keeping it simple; I’d recommend the 8×8 traditional scrapbook album kit with a quick and easy decorative paper kit like the Be Young kit.  It adds a decorative backdrop for your photo with a clean all around border. You can either journal the “hope” on the decorative paper itself or all around the edge of this colored backdrop. Depending on your creativity level you can embelish your pages with a few simple tastful decorations or go to town and decorate away, you are in control of the time management on this one, it can range from simple to highly embelished.

Are you a computer wiz?  Then you may find it easier to create digital photo album.  You can try our software for this FREE, (yes, free) for 30 days and there are a few predesigned page kits for the I hope book.  Just drag and drop your digital photos and upload the project to Creative Memories Digital Center and Voila’,  your done. Quick, but computer skills necessary and you should definately watch the tutorials in the program

Lastly, maybe you want to create a quick gift album or have an ultra simple book to test the waters, this Simply Said book is for you! There is even one with the theme I Hope.

Now that you have some ideas and options for albums and know just what will work for you, what’s next..?

The “I Hope” album is meant to share your hopes and dreams with either a child or someone special to you.  So the most important aspect of this album are the words! Yes, words, you will need to share your feelings. Don’t worry….it really isn’t that hard. Here are a couple of ideas for hopes and dreams once you see them it may get the creative ideas runing around in your head.

  • I hope you will always find time to laugh and giggle.
  • I hope you will always be yourself.
  • I hope you know that your family will always be here for you through thick and thin.
  • I hope you will always continue to put 100% into all you do.
  • I hope you always take time to “play.”
  • I hope you always find solitude.
  • I hope that you take time out of life to see the world.
  • I hope you will always have a shoulder to lean on.
  • I hope you will always appreciate how blessed you are.
  • I hope you will always be up for an adventure.
  • I hope you will always celebrate, not only the big milestones, but the little ones too.
  • I hope that you always have a dream, and that your dreams come true.
  • I hope you know that life is precious, and that your life you live is a gift to me.
  • I hope you be who you want to be and never let go of your dreams.
  • I hope you always have strength in your faith.
  • I hope you cherish your childhood memories.
  • I hope you do for others and make a difference in their lives.
  • I hope you are thankful for all you’ve been blessed with.
  • I hope you keep singing 
  • I hope you never forget how special you are to our family.
  • I hope you always continue to nurture those you love with your kindness and love.
  • I hope you always believe!

There it is, a great start, and great ideas to start an album for someone special.  I know after reading some of those,  you must have some of your own.  Write them down! Do NOT think that you will remember them!  You won’t!  I wish I knew why (I’m sure someone could tell us..but it might not be something we want to hear) but I only know these two things 1.  you won’t remember and 2. once you wright it down and you’re not trying to remember, more ideas will come! Crazy but true.

Make absolutely sure that you have an adhesive and pen that are made for archival products you don’t want to put all this work into a project and use a glue stick or something like it.  In a couple of years you just might find your pictures popping off the pages of the album and your pen color has changed from red to brown or something like that!

Now go! Go gather your pictures (you’ll need to have somewhere between 20 and 50 photographs depending on the album type you decide on).   Put them in the order you want to see them in your album, write down some notes, hopes and dreams and get started!  Someone will love it



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