One Thing I Will Never Do

If you ask me, I will tell you.  I will not even hesitate for one moment, my mind is made up, the answer is set in stone…I will never ever skydive! 

I do not have one bit of desire to jump out of an airplane with a parachute.  A parachute that should open to catch the wind and gently guide you down safely onto the ground, however, we have all heard of that rare time when the parachute didn’t open, yep, there is always that possibility that it may not open.  This slight chance of disaster is just one of the reasons that I will never skydive, and just for the record….I have also told my children that they will also NEVER skydive! 

I know a few people who have taken the big jump and loved it and the hubby has a friend who flies a skydiving plane, even my nephew has taken this leap. I’m not sure what my sister was thinking allowing  this type of behavior?! And if you listen to him talk about his leap of faith it is obvious that it is one of the highlights of his life….so far, and maybe just maybe this is because his parachute opened!

It doesn’t matter what reason you give to convince me how this is fun or exhilarating, or any other adjective  used to describe skydiving you will not peak my interest.  I just have no desire…not one!

So imagine how I felt when the Sunday question of the week was “If fear wasn’t an issue what is one thing that you would do?” and I heard myself say skydive.  I couldn’t believe I said that!  I even laughed out loud to the person I was talking with.  I had to really think about the answer and what in the world I was thinking when it just came out.  Maybe, it is because I am so positive that I will never do it that it just was the only obvious answer.  That’s it…it was the obvious answer! Who knows why I said it, not me, but I can still say with complete confidence that I will never ever jump from a plane!. 

So let me ask….If fear wasn’t a worry…what would you do?


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