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Church on Sunday is a favorite part of my week! I love almost every part of the time spent there. Did you notice that I said “almost” every part?  A couple of months ago they started printing these “get to know you”  questions on the bulletin. During the greeting time, instead of saying hello to your neighbors around you, they asked that you share about yourself, using the off the wall questions printed in the bulletin.  Some of them were really dumb strange questions  To be honest……I do not like this part at all, but I’ve been trying to not be a grumbly complainer and just do my part. In my Sunday school class, the kids are learning about how the Israelites complained while in the desert, when they where no longer slaves in Egypt. They (the Israelites) complained, even though God was feeding them, and leading them, actually providing everything they needed. Since I am actually teaching this lesson I’m trying to be aware of my own grumbling, even if it is to myself.

Last week, for some reason, I realized that the greeting time in church was kind of like writing this blog.  I have to share a little about myself; if you’ve read my “about me” section you know I’m not real comfortable doing that..  And it dawned on me that the other person may not be comfortable with this exchange either, even though I’m very nice and gracious during the greeting time. That got me thinking, I will probably not make a forever friend in this 3 minute exchange but I may learn a little bit about them, and I may even be surprised at what I learn.   In fact, I have even been inspired by some of their answers! It’s began to help me to remember that we are in fact all unique and similar at the same time.  We can be different. We can be a little weird.  We can be ourselves!  And it’s ok! Hopefully no one will judge, ok so they may laugh, but we can learn to laugh at ourselves too!  God accepts us all as we are and loves us in spite of ourselves, and we need to learn to accept us as we are too!  So I have a little better attitude about this silly question and answer exchange at church, I’ll even be writing about some of them here.



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