It’s Fall Ya’ll!

Fall is finally here!

I wish I could say that it felt like fall here in Southern California, but it was one of those awful muggy days when you just want to stay inside and hang out with the air conditioner, which is almost what I did.  I say almost, because had our plans not taken a twist and changed I would have spent the day with the hubby but as things go…the first half of the day was spent at the soccer field watching the youngest daughter. I’m glad to say, they won the game and of course, she played great. Since we had to endure the heat that made it worth it.  When I checked the thermostat in my car it measured a sweltering 100 degrees.  That is not fall weather!

As I’ve gotten older Fall has become one of my favorite times of the year.  I’m looking forward to the color changes (yes we do have some of those here in Ca.), the cool crisp weather and warm savory soup for dinner. Thanksgiving and all the yumminess that comes with that….namely pumpkin, in fact anything pumpkin, anytime, is just perfect. Do you love pumpkin…I think everyone should!

Speaking of perfect…I spent the rest of my day lazing around inside near the conditioner reading. I read five books, I counted them! ….ok, so I was reading to my beautiful granddaughter which means it wasn’t that big of a deal to read 5 books. She loooves to read and I love to spend time with her. She can be so silly and her little giggles are the best…She makes me smile!


Oh, and while I was there, the first-born came up with this great idea for a give away.  I’m contributing a digital Halloween greeting card for the lucky winner.  Check out her blog Ribbons, Bows and Ten Tiny Toes for all the details and while your there you might as well enter to win.



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