Two-fer Tuesday

Tuesday was a busy day; all day long I was looking for something,  besides the obvious things, that could be added to my gratitude list.  

I left work right on time, because I was eager to get home and make dinner for the family that was coming over to visit.  While driving home I was going over the day in my head, searching my mind, (scary!) for something, any thing, and all of the sudden, traffic stopped.  Some of you may think….well nothing unusual there, you live in California!  But for me, in this area of the freeway, I’m usually flying down the freeway at 80 mph,…oops, did I say 80, I meant a lawful 65 mph. 😉  Immediately I started grumbling in my head,….yep, me grumbling! I try never to grumble!   I hoped and prayed that whatever the problem, it cleared up quickly.  

Within minutes, I saw the lights up ahead, and thought, “Oh good, hopefully not long”.  And I was right!  As I approached the accident, I tried not to gawk; (gawkers drive me crazy because they are contributing to the problem) I noticed that a motorcycle officer was starting to move.  I thought, they must be just leaving, but as I approached, I got confused. He was moving slow, into the lane next to mine, and then he was right next to me, extending his arm out like he was going to come into my lane…..CONFUSION!  Was he trying to change lanes?  I can’t let him in, without stopping!  Should I stop to let the officer in?! Can’t stop on the freeway!   Can I??         CONFUSION!  

So I did what any confused person would do, I drove slowly by him, glanced over at him with the look of confusion written all over my face. And he ignored me and stopped traffic right behind me!  Then I had the ah ha moment. I finally figured it out!   He was stopping traffic so the tow truck could hook up the auto in the accident and tow it out of the center divider area.  Duh!

Well I gotta tell you, I was a bit embarrassed because I had no idea what he was doing, but then I realized that my confusion, had just saved me at least a 10 minute delay. And as much as having the perfect view of the traffic task at hand would have been better than sitting about a mile back and having no idea what was going on, I was extremely thankful that I had escaped!  And of course, there was the obvious,  I was driving down the freeway, not in a traffic accident, and not having my car towed! Two things to be thankful for today! And my grumbling spirit turned to a grateful spirit! 

I said a little prayer of thanks, and for the people in the accident, and headed my grateful self home to make dinner, with absolutely NO traffic on the freeway around me….at least for a couple of miles!


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