A Dream Of A Christmas Gift

Seriously, I’m a practical girl, I don’t usually like expensive items or feel like they are necessary, as usually I could find a better (more practical) use for the money that would be spent. But this morning I got a little impractical.  I opened my email and right there on the home page was my dream Christmas present.  I giggled out loud and thought “that would be awesome!”  Awesome is such a young persons word but it truly fit this situation, because the little girl in me wanted this item.

Today Neiman Marcus released their Christmas Fantasy Gift Catalog and there it was right on the home page, an I Dream of Jeanie tent! Well actually, it’s called a Yurt, but that’s just a fancy word for tent! A simulated bottle house the perfect women’s retreat. The Dream Folly…..such a fitting name, and it’s only 75,000 dollars!

I loved the 60’s sitcom “I dream of Jeanie”, not only was Barbara Eden adorable as Jeanie but she had the coolest bottle for a house.  As a little girl I secretly wished I had that bottle.  It was sparkly beautiful on the outside and very posh and even more beautiful on the inside.  There were many times that she was banished there for a punishment but I wasn’t sure that hanging out in that room was a punishment. Have you ever wanted to just cross your arms and blink your eyes and escape, be somewhere else?  That’s a dream in itself!

Jeanie’s bottle was a little more fancy but this is not bad for a tent! Seriously, I can’t imagine that I’ll get the Dream Folly Fantasy Gift for Christmas, as it is a little pricey, but hey a girl can dream can’t she?


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