Experiencing Inspiration

I had the best experience yesterday at church.  One of the things I enjoy the most, is watching Christians get baptized.  There’s nothing like it.  It’s hard to understand until you’ve made the decision to experience it yourself, but once you do, you know the power behind this visible expression of faith. I could go into all the reasons that believer’s in Christ should get baptized, but really, this post is to share about how watching yesterday affected me. I wish there were more words to describe it but “yesterday was awesome”, will have to do.  

There’s nothing like watching hundreds of people get baptized! Spontaneous, faithful, baptisms by the hundreds, now that will renew your own faith! Watching God move like that, gotta tell you, brought me to tears.  Not to mention, I learned some interesting information about the meaning of Christian Baptism to the United States Government and Islam, never would have guessed either one of these institutions would care, let alone think it important.

Thank you Crossroads Christian Church for the wonderful message. I’m inspired and can’t wait for this weeks baptisms at New Beginnings Community Church.

Galatians 3:27 – for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.


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