I Am In Awe!

Ever had a God moment?

Well that’s what I call them…the moments when you realize, once again, that Jesus is so aware of who you are and knows you intimately?  I love them!

On the days when I’m concerned or worried and just open the Word for comfort, and right in the so called “random” place that I opened, is the answer or comforting verse that I needed, to a gift in the mail that relieves a small burden.  A burden that just 5 hours earlier I’d given up to Him, stating “I’m not worring about this God, I don’t know how but it’ll work out.”  

I have them often, there are so many I’ve started a Faithbook to share about them,  but whether they’re little insights while reading my bible or gift cards arriving in the mail from an annonymous donor. They make be aware, aware that He is mindful of little ole me and the ones that I love, and aware that I am in awe of the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

If you know Jesus then I’m sure that you’ve had them too but if you don’t you just have to invite Him to reveal Himself you you….He will, and then get to know Him!



I Am In Awe! — 3 Comments

  1. I love God moments too! He is always watching us and willing to help when we need Him most. We must always have faith, just as you did, and then He will amaze us with His love!

  2. I like the faithbook idea. You can re-read years later and you will feel blessed. Or when you are having a hard time, just read how God has changed your life over the years. Do you write down blurbs in your journal jar and then scrap them later?

    • I started making notes and putting them in my Journal Jar but now they’re also on my computer. You have the right idea with the faithbook, there are even many verses and stories where God instructs us to remember for the exact reasons you mentioned. They increase our faith when we are in a low spot but more they can also be a legacy of God’s love to leave to future family.

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